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Grasie Mercedes - Writer/DIRector - Egg Day

"When taking on my first short film as a director and actress, I needed a solid team to support me. Enter Kate Hamilton and Natalie Britton. These two women are powerhouses and incredible at producing. They were knowledgable, resourceful, and a pleasure to work with. They made pre-production a breeze and were hands-on for our shoot dates. They kept us moving and on schedule while maintaining a calm and productive environment. I can't wait to hire them for my next project and every project thereafter!"

Dominic Burgess - Writer/Director - Sam Did It

"Natalie served as both a producer and 1st AD on SAM DID IT. As a producer, she is a constant support, providing innovative ideas and solutions through every aspect of production. As a 1st AD, she is wonderfully efficient, her attention to detail and time management are second to none; making the day run smoothly, and ensuring that 23 set ups and 47 shots were met in only eleven hours. Hardworking, upbeat, and effective. I cannot wait to work with her again!"

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Chelsea Gonzalez - Writer/Director - Susanne and The Man

"Natalie Britton is a lifesaver! Bringing her on board as a producer for my film was the best decision I made throughout the whole process. She knows the best crew around town, always responds quickly, and is happy to help with any issue no matter how small. She is efficient, organized, and majorly helped me stay within my budget for our film. She kept us on schedule with our shoot, and made sure everyone on set was happy. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

Lauren Bair - Writer/Director - Sorry For Your Loss

"Natalie truly elevated our project by playing such an integral role in production, the shoot, and beyond. Not only is she brass-tacks when it comes to getting things done, she is a total pleasure to hang out with. I’ve exclaimed “I love Natalie!” more than a handful of times, while working together, and I know I’m not the only one who could say that. She’s an essential asset, total team player, and a lovely person who is beyond talented in her abilities. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat."

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Caden Douglas - Writer/Director - Pop

"Natalie is a dynamic combination of artistic vision and practical know how. You want something done? Call Natalie. Creative, driven, and highly skilled, she is an invaluable addition to any collaboration."

Casper Andreas - Producer - Wild Nights with Emily

"Natalie 1st AD-ed on "Wild Nights with Emily"  and ran a very smooth set. She is a force of nature. Endlessly resourceful and full of energy she gets everything done that is thrown in her direction."

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Andrew Carter - Writer/Director - A Perfect Fit

"As lead producer of A PERFECT FIT, Natalie brought fresh creative ideas and sharp business acumen to the table from the very first meeting through the post-production process. She is able to clearly define what needs to be done vs. what can be done; never demanding more than what the project is capable of achieving; and always championing the joyful and artistic elements of filmmaking. She carries herself with grace, humor, and confidence...My film is infinitely better because of Natalie’s involvement, and her unwavering faith in my abilities as a filmmaker."

Foster Wilson - Director - Platypus

"I had the pleasure of having Natalie as my 1st AD on Platypus. She is highly professional, organized and level-headed. She was calmly able to navigate a tight schedule, reorganizing as needed throughout the day. She easily commanded the room and kept her crew on task, which allowed me to focus on solely the creative."

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