Ryan powers - writer/director - toymakers

“Contacting Natalie about producing a script I'd written was one of the best decisions I've made in Los Angeles. Just a couple months later, we had a completed digital series that looked like it cost a hell of a lot more than it did. Natalie & Kate are intelligent, experienced, ridiculously resourceful, dedicated, talented problem-solvers who can take something that's shattered into a million pieces and find a way to put it back together looking better than it did to begin with. They somehow stay poised even in the most stressful situations — and they won't bullshit you. Natalie was my point person, so she was the one answering my many phone calls, coaching me through pre-production/filming/post, calming me down, and probably teaching me something new about filmmaking every day. Kate was an enormous help and ended up wearing many more hats than she should have — like a total pro. They were both incredibly supportive and inspiring throughout the entire process, and I think that's because they take on projects they truly believe in. Bonus points for the hundreds of laughs we had along the way.”


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Grasie Mercedes - Writer/DIRector - Egg Day

"When taking on my first short film as a director and actress, I needed a solid team to support me. Enter Kate Hamilton and Natalie Britton. These two women are powerhouses and incredible at producing. They were knowledgable, resourceful, and a pleasure to work with. They made pre-production a breeze and were hands-on for our shoot dates. They kept us moving and on schedule while maintaining a calm and productive environment. I can't wait to hire them for my next project and every project thereafter!"

Dominic Burgess - Writer/Director - Sam Did It

"Natalie served as both a producer and 1st AD on SAM DID IT. As a producer, she is a constant support, providing innovative ideas and solutions through every aspect of production. As a 1st AD, she is wonderfully efficient, her attention to detail and time management are second to none; making the day run smoothly, and ensuring that 23 set ups and 47 shots were met in only eleven hours. Hardworking, upbeat, and effective. I cannot wait to work with her again!"

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Chelsea Gonzalez - Writer/Director - all the wrong things & Susanne and The Man

"Natalie and Kate are fantastic at what they do. They are both so experienced in the producing world and have worked on so many different types of projects that no hurdle is too big for them. They have worked with me on all of my projects and I plan on continuing to work with them for years to come. They are efficient, smart, and incredible problem solvers."

Lauren Bair - Writer/Director - Sorry For Your Loss

"Natalie truly elevated our project by playing such an integral role in production, the shoot, and beyond. Not only is she brass-tacks when it comes to getting things done, she is a total pleasure to hang out with. I’ve exclaimed “I love Natalie!” more than a handful of times, while working together, and I know I’m not the only one who could say that. She’s an essential asset, total team player, and a lovely person who is beyond talented in her abilities. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat."

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Caden Douglas - Writer/Director - Pop

"Natalie is a dynamic combination of artistic vision and practical know how. You want something done? Call Natalie. Creative, driven, and highly skilled, she is an invaluable addition to any collaboration."

Casper Andreas - Producer - Wild Nights with Emily

"Natalie 1st AD-ed on "Wild Nights with Emily"  and ran a very smooth set. She is a force of nature. Endlessly resourceful and full of energy she gets everything done that is thrown in her direction."

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felipe figueroa - director - medium

“Working with Queen's Gambit was a dream. They guided me through my first time directing a short. I didn't know a thing. They are so knowledgable about what it takes to put a film together - fundraising, locations, time/scheduling, crew. I loved every single crew person we hired. We worked like a team with ease and efficiency. The producers were on site to make sure that the execution was top-notch and were by our side throughout post and even film festival submissions. They are a brilliant one-stop shop.”

Foster Wilson - Director - Platypus

"I had the pleasure of having Natalie as my 1st AD on Platypus. She is highly professional, organized and level-headed. She was calmly able to navigate a tight schedule, reorganizing as needed throughout the day. She easily commanded the room and kept her crew on task, which allowed me to focus on solely the creative."

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Paul horan - writer/director - cuddles

“I’m not a religious man, but I tell ya, I was well resigned to pledging all sorts of promises to any deity that would listen, in return for finding the right producer to make sense of the world for me. And then, in Natalie and Kate, two appeared at once. Like a pair of guardian angels (to push the metaphor), they swept in with reassurances where I needed them, and careful constructive criticism where the story demanded it. Armed with a contacts list brimming with top quality production talent, they assembled an amazing crew of folks, whilst still being very happy to bring anyone I already had in mind into the fold. And that, I think, is indicative of the best thing they did - which was to keep everything feeling collaborative and fun. I have no doubt there were all manner of irritating form-filling shenanigans and fires to be put out, but for the most part I was unaware of it, as they simply took care of everything. I’ve never heard the words “Don’t worry about it” so often. They were always there whenever I needed to talk something through, and wholly invested themselves in making the project everything it could be. So who bloody knows what sorts of concessions I’ve made for the afterlife, but whatever they are, it was worth it!”