The Friggin' Best

We are very excited to be line producing this brilliantly funny short from writer/director Mary Gulino. We are currently in pre-production and shooting will commence mid- October. The project stars Adam Lustick, George K. Burns and Charlotte Pernicone and centers around a misanthropic 13-year old girl who tags along to her step-brother's bachelor party and stands off against the host, angling to usurp the title of Best Man.

Untitled Kate Huffman Project

Kate Huffman’s shockingly hilarious, award-winning solo show “I’m Too Fat For This Show” has had huge success both on US international stages. Through 18 characters, multi-media effects, and brutal honesty, Huffman presents her experience with two decades of OCD and eating disorders and the very serious toll her numbers-obsessed, body dysmorphic brain takes on her life. We are currently in development on a special that will take this smashingly beautiful and necessary show from stage to screen. You can catch her next live show at The Lyric Hyperion, Los Angeles on Oct 16th at 8pm.

Check Surroundings for Safety

Dominic Burgess (Actor/Writer/Director Sam Did It) is back with this adrenalin fueled feature length film. We are currently in the early development stages and are set to shoot by early 2020. We are jazzed to be teaming up once again with this very talented filmmaker.

“Substitute biology teacher EUGENE CLAYTON suspects that troubled student Noah Watts has sinister plans for the school after finding bullets in the boy's bag... but is his paranoia justified or just delusional? When Eugene falls victim to a series of pranks and crimes, he's sure he's found his answer... “