Check Surroundings for Safety

Dominic Burgess (Actor/Writer/Director Sam Did It) is back with this adrenalin fueled feature length film. We are currently in the early development stages and are set to shoot by early 2020. We are jazzed to be teaming up once again with this very talented filmmaker.

“Substitute biology teacher EUGENE CLAYTON suspects that troubled student Noah Watts has sinister plans for the school after finding bullets in the boy's bag... but is his paranoia justified or just delusional? When Eugene falls victim to a series of pranks and crimes, he's sure he's found his answer... “

All The Wrong Things

We are thrilled to be working once again with the talented Chelsea Gonzalez (Writer/Actress from Susanne and the Man) This time, Chelsea takes the director’s chair and brings to life a heartfelt story about Lucy, who on the wrong day, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, manages to find something right.

Candace Hammer and Bernardo Cubria star in this important film centering around a stranger’s kindness and finding hope in an unexpected place.



“Emily has faced a lifetime of being objectified, intimidated, and worse. Tonight, she’s had enough.”

We are currently in post-production on CUDDLES, a short film that packs a punch. Written by Paul Horan (Bless me Father), this film explores the extent to which past relationships can both haunt and empower us.



"It's hard to be exceptional when you're just...Medium."

We are currently in post-production on a short film written by Caroline Sweet and directed by Felipe Figueroa. MEDIUM is a five-minute short about a woman's search to find balance in the entertainment industry where extremes dominate the scene.